A COMIC convention brings in fans and celebrities from around the country to a town and celebrate sci fi culture.

Fans of science fiction convened to King George's Hall, on Northgate, for the annual Blackburn Comic Con.

Stars from sci fi classics such as Doctor Who, Star Wars, Thunderbirds and Game of Thrones were in attendance as fans got to meet their idols.

Colin Baker, who was played the sixth Doctor in the British TV classic Doctor Who, said this was the first time he visited Blackburn since 1982.

He said: ""I was brought up in Rochdale and came to Blackburn to work but it was also the place where I came on my honeymoon.

"It's nice to come to events like these and see the fans.

"I have done this for 30 years and there are still so many people that remember me and are enjoying these conventions which is great."

Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett in the Star Wars Original Trilogy, revealed he had a soft spot for Blackburn ever since he saw them play Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League years ago.

He said: "My first taste of comic con was when the Star Wars films came out and to have that buzz still around today is amazing.

"The costumes are amazing too and you see many different people dressing up as all sorts of sci fi characters.

"It is a very rewarding experience."

Guests came in their droves to visit the Blackburn based venue in an array of costumes, including Deadpool, Spiderman, Batman and stormtroopers.

Sophia Rigby, 10, who lives near the Derby Arms pub in Longridge, said: "This is my first time here and I think it's been really good so far.

"I just like being at comic con because of the different costumes and people you meet.

"Star Wars is my favourite movie and 's Rey is definitely my favourite character."

Daisy Hillyard, 27, from Preston, who dressed up as Daisy Ridley's Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, said: "First time here but I have been to Preston Comic Con before.

"It's a bit smaller here but more of a community vibe. It's a lot calmer which is nice.

"My highlight has been getting to meet lots of people and people said we have made their day.

"So many children have come up to us and given us high fives."

Lisa Gorman, 34, who lives in Redlham, Blackburn, said: "I like comic con because its awesome and you feel like you know everyone.

Simon Duxbury, 34, who lives in Darwen and attended Blackburn Comic Con for the first time, said: "I have enjoyed everything. I have loved seeing the people and the diverse merchandise."

Tim Day, who works as UK Spector Squad and lives in Cliviger, Burnley, said: "My highlight has been meeting Jeremy Bulloch and getting his autograph because I'm a huge Star Wars fan."