THIS is the day St Cuthbert's Junior School, in Darwen turned into a circus.

Lessons were forgotten as the young pupils welcomed a clown show, back in 1992.

Out, too, went any semblance of order, as fun and frolics took over for the afternoon and the youngsters were allowed to be silly for once.

Here, the Telegraph photographer has captured them in a very merry mood with circus clown Grimble complete with his loud checked suit and size 15 feet.

Many of the pupils have also had their faces painted, with stars, spots and red noses and have dressed specially for the performance in frills, fancy hats and wigs.

The slapstick took place in the school hall and could have been a special treat for Christmas, as it was held at the end of the year.

Many of us here in East Lancashire probably once saw Charlie Cairoli perform at Blackpool Tower Circus; born into an Italian circus family, he was performing there when the war broke out and chose to stay in the resort.

With his distinctive bowler hat, he performed every summer season at the tower for 40 years, a world record for the most performances at a single venue.