THE only 100 percent vegan cafe in the borough is set to expand after summer “boom in business”.

After a successful summer providing the people of Darwen with totally vegan food and drink owner Darwen resident Vicky Leeming has taken on a new member of staff to support the increased demand.

The 33-year-old said: “I have got a lot more new customers recently.

“We’ve had a real boom in business over summer.

“Everyone is concerned about their health, so there’s a real need for somewhere like this.

“A lot of the people who work in Darwen have very busy schedules and struggle to eat healthily on the go.

“People pop in for lunch because it’s easy and quick but healthy.”

Miss Leeming was inspired to open the cafe after she spent two years travelling around Australia and Asia where she took cookery classes.

She said: “When I got back I wanted to change my lifestyle, but Darwen did not cater to it.

“I started out selling juices and salads on Blackburn market.

“A lot of people were sceptical with Darwen being such a small town with so many take aways.

“But it’s been really successful.

Miss Leeming moved into the shop on Duckworth Street last April, where she sells a range of totally vegan food, drink and snacks homemade from organic produce.

“It’s gone from strength to strength, it’s been really successful.

“I’ve just taken on a third member of staff and we’ve had a new shop front installed.”

Miss Leeming will be launching a new winter menu off the back of her successful summer, with a focus on providing hearty but healthy meals.

She said: “Coming into winter people want warming, filling meals.

“Normally that would be pies, gravy and stodge, but we’re offering a healthy options that mean people will be get their nutrients.

“It’s especially important to get your nutrients in winter to keep your immune system up and prevent those winter colds.”