TWO violent thugs who kicked a man in the head while he was unconscious on the floor and then tried to force their way into a home with a knife have been jailed.

Burnley Crown Court heard victim Henry Hooks had enjoyed a night out in Colne on February 25 and was waiting next to a taxi when he was approached by Jack McClinton, 18, and Zachary Kirkbride, 21.

Prosecuting, Jane Dagnall said an early morning argument ensued and Kirkbride, of Walton Street, Colne, was heard to say ‘I’m the Zac of Colne’.

The prosecutor said McClinton, of Birtwistle Avenue, Colne, became aggressive towards taxi driver Ashfaq Baig and shouted racist abuse at him. He then opened the door and attempted to drag Mr Baig from his vehicle.



Ms Dagnall said: “Mr Hooks was disturbed by what he saw and so he intervened and pulled Mr McClinton away. Suddenly Mr McClinton punched out at Mr Hooks, who fell back and hit his head on a metal bin.”

As Mr Hooks lay unconscious on the ground McClinton and Kirkbride kicked him in the head.

Mr Hooks did get back to his feet and went to lean on the taxi to steady himself, the court heard. But at the moment he leaned forward the taxi driver, unaware of his presence, moved forward and Mr Hooks fell to the pavement.

As a result of the incident, the court heard Mr Hooks suffered a fractured jaw which required screws and a plate being fitted.

When police arrived at the scene McClinton and Kirkbride had already ran off.

Later the same morning both defendants turned up at the house of Caspian Raffael in Clayton Street, Colne. McClinton, who was armed with a knife, began slashing at his front door in a bid to force entry, the court was told.

Ms Dagnall said threats were made towards Mr Raffael and his family, who were forced to barricade themselves in their living room. Although the defendants did manage to get into the house they did not get further than the hallway.

McClinton pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, racially aggravated harassment, possessing a bladed article and affray. He was jailed for five years.

Kirkbride, who has 19 convictions for 31 offences, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and affray. He was jailed for 30 months.

Defending McClinton, Rachel Cooper said: “He has taken away from himself the future he was working towards. At the time of these offences he was in the process of joining the army.

“He is very remorseful for what happened.”

Defending Kirkbride, Mark Stuart, said: “All be it he may have been behaving badly, he did not start the trouble with Mr Hooks or Mr Baig.”