RESIDENTS are calling for Blackburn with Darwen Council to take action after the travellers set up camp in the middle of a street.

The travellers arrived on Albion Street in Blackburn in three caravans and five cars last Wednesday.

Yesterday two caravans were parked on the street with two cars.

The group had hooked the vans up to a power generator that they placed in the street.

Residents have contacted her local councillor, the police and Blackburn with Darwen Council in an attempt to have them removed.

She said rubbish was building up on the street, gas bottles had been strewn across the road and excrement had been emptied at the side of the road.

A resident said: "Our cars are being used as punch bags by children.

“We are scared to do even something as simple as walking our dog as we are getting abuse.

“The issues we are facing are extensive and dangerous.

“The residents are growing increasingly scared and it is not fair, I though the council had a duty of care to their residents?”

Another resident said: “We feel vulnerable.

“We can’t leave the door open during the day, we have to be extra careful “They could be alright people, but the problem is we don’t know them, they aren’t our neighbours.

“They haven’t done any damage or anything, but there’s so much rubbish in the street.

“When you look down the the street it doesn’t look nice.”

A spokesman from Blackburn with Darwen council said: “A 24-hour notice to move was served this afternoon but the highway department and a court order will be applied for today if they have not moved on.”

Residents believes the travellers may have moved across from a camp at Ewood who arrived last Tuesday and were served with a notice to remove last Wednesday.

A spokesman from Blackburn with Darwen council said. “We are in the process of issuing a court summons and there will be a hearing tomorrow in relation to this matter.”