BRITISH South Asian mums with children under 12 months are being invited to participate in a research study that looks at the rise in postnatal low mood and stress among South Asian women.

The four-year ROSHNI-2 study is being led nationally by Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Professor Nusrat Husain.

Up to £8.1 billion is estimated to be spent each year on perinatal mental health problems in the UK.

Professor Husain said "The rates of postnatal low mood in the majority UK population are 10 to 15 percent and in British South Asian women (Pakistan, India and Bangladesh) the rates are reported to be higher.

"This project seeks to determine how clinically effective and cost-effective the culturally adapted group positive health programme is for British South Asian women with low mood after child birth compared with routine treatment."

For further details contact Farah Lunat on or Nafeesa Bhatti on on 01254 612508 and 07507844725.