Spending a week at the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, teams from the Chamber welcomed local 6th form student Alex Creamer with a comprehensive behind the scenes look covering each of the operation’s day-to-day roles in the community.

Describing his experience in his own words, Alex reflected “working with the Chamber’s teams has been a rare opportunity to apply theory learned in the classroom to a formal setting. Their passion for the community was characterized in their staff’s kindness and readiness towards making my placement as rewarding as possible. All the staff I worked with were so helpful in explaining the importance of the tasks; giving meaning to even the more mundane of Chamber responsibilities. Their dedication to being so involved in my placement has awarded me a host of practical skills such as communication, organisation and adaptability to different roles. I’m happy to have given up some free time over summer as I think the Chamber has provided such a well-rounded and fulfilling view of Economics that has only pushed my interest further. Overall, the week has given me the skills to more fully prepare for a future in the subject.”

The Chamber is delighted to be able to offer work experience placements to local students who are keen to learn about business. Experience of the real world of work is hugely beneficial to both students and their future employers.