ACTION to clean up a mound of rubbish that has been dumped outside a house has been demanded by residents.

The eyesore has appeared outside a property in Heywood Street, Great Harwood, where piled-up waste has been a recurring problem in the back yard of the house.

The property belongs to Adam Clough, who has faced lots of enforcement action requiring him to clean up the mess, but residents said the problem persists.

Janet Taylor, a resident, who lives on Heywood Street, said: “The back yard of this property is like a tip.

“It’s full to the top with bin bags, cupboards and carpets and there’s also been a problem with rats.

“It’s been going on for months and residents have complained to the council, but it’s still happening and something needs to be done to stop this.”

Hyndburn Council said it took this issue 'very seriously' and that it has taken lots of enforcement action against Clough, requiring him to clear up his mess.

The authority said they now understand that the managing agent of the property is in the process of making arrangements to remove the waste materials and is taking steps to seek possession of the property.

The council said its enforcement action taken against Clough included taking him to court in May this year, where he was found guilty of leaving large amounts of rubbish in his back yard and ordered to pay £940 in fines and costs.

A spokesman for Hyndburn Council said: “The court also issued a remedial order requiring Mr Clough to comply with the Community Protection Notice.”