A 36-YEAR-OLD Nelson man went on a mini spending spree after finding a contactless credit card.

Blackburn magistrates heard Robert Norris used the card four times at different all night service stations.

Norris, of Brentwood Road, Nelson, pleaded guilty to four charges of fraudulent use of the card and one of theft by finding. He was sentenced to eight weeks in prison.


Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said the card had been taken from a car parked in a back alley in Nelson and before the owner was aware it had been taken it was used four times.

"The defendant said he had found the card, noticed it was contactless and decided to use it," said Mr Robinson.

Mark Williams, defending, said Norris had been sent to prison in May and had now been recalled on licence.

"He was out with his dog when he found a wallet with the card in it," said Mr Williams.