A BUDDING artist has made it his mission to help brighten up the streets.

Adam Whewell is working at weekends on a large canvas in the middle of Accrington market hall to help ‘spruce up the area’

The 19-year-old , who is an illustration student at Buckinghamshire New University, was encouraged by his tutors to take up street art to boost his skills.

The illustrator has also been commissioned to take carry out public drawings in Accrington's Arndale Shopping Centre in August as part of the centre's 30th anniversary celebrations.

Mr Whewell, who lives in the Peel Park area of Accrington, said: “This is the first time I have ever done anything like this.

“I was scared what people would say to me at first.

“But me and my university tutors thought it would be a good chance to increase my confidence and make it easier to interact with people about my work. I find it therapeutic.

“The comments I have received have all been great as well, nobody has had a bad word to say.”

Mr Whewell will be continuing his work throughout this month and into the start of August every Friday and Saturday from 9am until 2pm at the market hall.

The work on the 8ft by 4ft canvas depicts a whale and has been drawn in the ‘zentangle’ style of art, which is an abstract style created by simple, structured patterns called tangles.

He decided on the idea after a university project focusing on endangered animals.

Mr Whewell said he has ambitions to go into art as a career once he has finished his studies.

He said: “Hopefully this work will just help spruce up the market a bit.

“It’s something I want to take forward, I really like doing murals and big pieces of art.”

Although he has no plans for the finished work at the moment, he said he would be happy to donate it to the market if requested.

Mr Whewell will be going into his second year at university, having previously studied art and design extended diploma at Blackburn College.