THE founder of a charity said she is having to close her newest charity shop because of soaring costs.

Liz Crook, the founder of Rummage Rescuers, will be closing the charity’s Railway Road store on Friday.

The not-for-profit organisation has been in the building for 12 months and will be moving stock to its other centres.

Mrs Crook said the cost of keeping the shop open was ‘no longer feasible’.


She said: “The rent as well as other costs were going up and it’s important to us how we spend our money from an ethical point of view.

“The shop is in a regeneration area and the building itself needs a lot of work doing to it.

“We don’t want to stand in the way of investment.

“We’ve already got two shops and we will continue to provide the same services down the road.”

The shop’s content will be split between the charity’s shops in Town Hall Street and its warehouse in Thomas Street.

The community funded organisation is looking to expand into Darwen, but will require more volunteers in order to make the move.

Rachel Rhodes, the Railway Road store manger, said: “I’ll be heartbroken to leave this place as the people that I’ve met here have been wonderful.

“I know a number of customers are absolutely gutted we’re closing this shop.

“We don’t want people to think that we’ve disappeared because we’re still here and we will continue to do what we can.”

Rummage Rescuers provides free clothing to the homeless and often supports low income families, who are struggling to afford clothes by either reducing prices or gifting them.

The organisation runs a ‘Pound Pending’ scheme to help residents who can’t afford to pay for goods as well as providing suits cheaply for job interviews.

The scheme is used to help those in a crisis, including people fleeing domestic violence, victims of flood or residents who can’t afford to pay for gas and electric.

Barbara Clarke, a regular customer, said: “The staff and volunteers live, breathe and sleep this place.

“I’ve never once come in and they’ve had a miserable face on them.

“It’s like a family and when you walk through the shop you can feel the happiness.”

Alongside the move Rummage Rescuers will run yard-sales every Saturday from 10am until 4pm at their warehouse, Units 4-10, Thomas Street.