A NEW zebra crossing has been branded ‘dangerous’ after being built ‘too close’ to a busy junction.

A campaigner has made a formal complaint to Lancashire County Council after the authority started work on the project in Skipton Road, Colne, which had been called for, for seven years.

Lesley Colbeck, 52, set up a petition to ask the highways department to install a crossing, attracting more than 600 backers in less than two weeks.

She has been backed by more than a dozen people on Facebook.


Former cabinet member for highways and transport John Fillis approved the plan in January but now concerned residents have said the situation is now worse.

Mum-of-six and grandmother-of-eight Mrs Colbeck, who has lived in Carr Road for 25 years, said: “I think the road is now more dangerous than it was before the crossing was put in.

“There are no signs to warn motorists it has been installed and the lights are not there either.

“People have had to slam on their brakes and I fear there is an accident waiting to happen.

“I’m disappointed with the location as I campaigned very hard to get one installed in the first place, alongside many other people.

“It just needs to be further up the road, away from the crossroads, and closer to the entrance to the park. Children would use it and it would be much safer.”

However councillors who represent the area on Pendle Council have defended County Hall and said the location is the right one.

Ward councillor Neil Butterworth said: “I think it is in the right location as it stops children coming out of the nearby estate just walking across the road and putting themselves in danger.

“Many just don’t want to walk 80 metres down the road to the other crossing so this is making sure youngsters are kept safe.

“I have campaigned for seven years to get this crossing and I’m glad that the work is almost complete. In my eyes it’s in the right location.”

A county council report at the time of the decision said the location was ‘ideal’.

A spokesman for the council council said: “The highways regulations say the minimum distance to a junction for a zebra crossing should be five metres and this isn’t within that.”

The complaint to the council by Mrs Colbeck said: “Customer called to complain that the new zebra crossing in Skipton Road is inadequate and is placed in a dangerous location.

“The customer thinks the crossing being near a crossroads is a bad idea and it should have been placed near the park entrance. Customer also complains there are no signs up warning oncoming motorists and there are still no lights erected.”