SCIENCE students from Nelson and Colne College have been putting their drama peers through a mock criminal investigation.

After being called out to the scene of a mock murder, level three science students on the forensic module pulled on their white suits and investigated the scene for evidence.

Several A level drama pupils were then brought in for question during an imitation investigation.

A Level Drama student, Olivia Kinsella, 17, said: “It was fun to be able to get into character and I found it a really good experience. I just had to say that I didn’t know anything and I didn’t know how it happened.”

The Science students are now collating together all their forensic evidence and interview information ahead of writing a crime report for the CPS.

Level three forensic science student Bradley Edwards, 17, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the interviews with the Drama students.

“I feel it was valuable experience as I was able to apply different interview techniques for the questions I asked, such as the use of open and closed questions.”

Alison Latham, science teacher, said: “This is a really immersive learning experience for our students and it was brilliant to see students from both A Level and Vocational routes working together so well.”