FOUR points from two games tells its own tale and all else is, fundamentally, opinion, writes Simon Smith.

Mine is this; have Rovers blown their best chance of survival? No.

Are Rovers in a better position than this time last week? Yes.

Would I have rather Rovers played Bristol City off the park and come away with a point? No.

I think most of us knew that it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Mistakes were made, nerves were visibly frayed and it took the removal of two defenders to salvage a point.

Every game will be tortuous and I found it amazing that some fans thought that Bristol City would just turn up and roll over as Rovers turned on the glitz and scored at will.

No, it was not a good performance but many players - Jason Lowe, Hope Akpan, Elliott Bennett - overcame a dismal start to finish strong and that points to a mentality that may keep Rovers up.

As I mentioned last week Birmingham are in wretched form and the introduction of Harry Redknapp could be as calamitous as it could be sparking.

Nottingham Forest were so convinced that one performance had saved their season that they are now fighting to save it once more.

We are not Juventus. Let’s not forget that we are currently third bottom.

The reason for that is that we have played badly for the majority of the season and given away late points.

If we survive then perhaps Tony Mowbray will be able to assemble the squad he wants next season and we will see some flowing football.

But for now I don’t care if Rovers go 1-0 up at Wolves and smash the ball into the car park for the rest of the game.

The future is unwritten.

Next season is a new story to follow. Hopefully it will be in the Championship and Rovers can rebuild after the disastrous Owen Coyle mistake to assemble a steady bedrock for 2017/2018.

Close your eyes if need be, but stay positive.