SO far only one of the runners-up in 2015's General Election has ruled themselves out of standing in East Lancashire in June.

Will Straw, who stood for Labour against Conservative Jake Berry in Rossendale and Darwen, will not re-contest the seat.

The son of former Blackburn MP and Labour cabinet minister Jack Straw was involved in the Remain campaign in 2016's EU referendum.

Millionaire businessman Kevin Horkin has declared his readiness to stand again in Hyndburn on June 8 despite Graham Jones increasing Labour’s majority last time.

East Lancashire’s seven sitting Labour and Tory MPs are expected to be automatically reselected.

Mr Straw said: "I have decided not stand again in Rossendale and Darwen despite having enjoyed the campaign in 2015 immensely.

“I have no plans at present to stand anywhere else.”

This leaves Labour, who lost the seat in 2010, seeking a new candidate to take on sitting Mr Berry who has a majority of 5,654.

Mr Horkin said: "I would be happy to stand again in Hyndburn if that is what the local party wants.

“Despite Mr Jones increasing his majority slightly in 2015, I consider it to still be a highly marginal and winnable seat.”

Gordon Birtwistle, who lost Burnley to Labour’s Julie Cooper by 3,244 votes in 2015, has already been confirmed as the Liberal Democrat candidate.

Bob Eastwood, runner up to Labour’s Kate Hollern in Blackburn last time by 14,760 votes, said: “If asked I am happy to stand again and try and get a good Conservative vote.

“I am on the national candidates list but would prefer to stand in Blackburn or elsewhere in East Lancashire.”

Azhar Ali, who lost Pendle to Tory Andrew Stephenson by 5,453 votes, said he had yet to decide whether to seek the Labour nomination.

Mr Stephenson, who first won the seat in 2010, almost doubled his majority two years ago.

Mr Ali said: “I am seeking clarification from Labour nationally as to the selection procedure.

“I have not yet made up my mind whether to throw my hat in the ring.”

David Hinder, a 62-year-old retired businessman, said he was happy to stand for Labour again in the Ribble Valley against Tory MP Nigel Evans.

Rob Loughenbury, the Tory runner up to Labour’s Lindsay Hoyle by 4,530 votes in Chorley in 2015, was unavailable for comment.