A BOWLING green boss has hit out at 'mindless' teenage arsonists and vandals who have targeted a popular playing ground.

Alan Haworth, secretary of the Rushton Street Bowling Club in Great Harwood, said the teenagers are also suspected of taking drugs on the site and their level of vandalism is escalating.

Police said the latest incidents in which rubbish was set on fire outside the pavilion and a chair was dug into the pitch happened overnight between Monday and Tuesday. Other incidents of criminal damage happened on February 25 and a date in March.


Mr Haworth, who is appealing for anyone who catches the teenagers on the grounds to take a photograph and send it to the police, said: “It’s frustrating. It’s a popular community club in which everyone volunteers. It’s completely senseless and it’s costing money. It’s mindless.”

Mr Haworth said committee members have found nitrous oxide bottles and snap bags with traces of cannabis resin.

PC Anna Gavela said: “Over the past few weeks the bowling green in Rushton Street, Great Harwood, has been deliberately damaged three times.

"This causes a lot of distress and inconvenience for the people who manage, maintain and use the bowling green and is nothing more than mindless vandalism.

“While no one minds people spending time there, for example young people who want somewhere to 'hang out', this kind of destructive behaviour is unacceptable.

"Those involved need to be aware they can be prosecuted for criminal damage and banned from public places."