A NURSE who was accused of failing to carry out tests on patients at two health centres in East Lancashire has been cleared by his professional watchdog.

Peter Milton Hutchinson, an advanced nurse practitioner, has faced a two-year plus probe by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.


Mr Hutchinson was accused of failing to carry out proper clinical procedures at the Slaidburn Country Practice, in December 2014.

His original charges covered tests for oxygen saturation levels and abdominal and throat examinations, on a patient with rashes.

Mr Hutchinson was also accused of failing to carry out temperature, heart, rate, motor function and light susceptibility tests relating to two other patients.

He was also said to have failed to carry out a urine dipstick test on another patient at the Pendle Valley Mill Practice in Nelson, the September before.

Mr Hutchinson had repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and defended the claims at an NMC misconduct hearing in London.

A spokesman for the NMC confirmed the majority of the charges relating to Mr Hutchinson had not been proven and his registration is not affected.

But the spokesman refused to clarify the final list of charges faced by the nurse at the hearing.

Mr Hutchinson worked as a registered nurse at Darwen Health Centre while the case was ongoing.