A BURNLEY man who once tried to hold up an off licence dressed in a zebra-print onesie has been jailed for an attack on a fellow bail hostel resident.

Jack Brooks, 24, also hit the headlines last month when he posted a picture of himself on his Facebook, surrounded by boxes of cereal in his prison cell.

In his latest offence, Burnley Crown Court was told, he set upon Paul Nuttall, who was asleep in his own bed at the Highfield House hostel in Accrington.

Mr Nuttall was left with 'unpleasant' facial and head injuries as a result of the surprise assault and had to move to another bail hostel in the town, the court heard.

Brooks had since been recalled to prison to serve the remainder of a 32-month prison sentence, imposed in March 2013.

Defence counsel Richard Taylor said Brooks had attempted to rob an off licence while dressed in a zebra print onesie after the defendant had been drinking.

But the police were able to follow his footprints in the snow, back to his then home, and he was arrested.

Mr Taylor said his client, who also had an arson conviction, had shown remorse for what he had done studying an early stage in the proceedings.

Brooks had been told something regarding Mr Nuttall's background, after he had been out drinking with friends from the hostel, and had turned violent, the court heard.

Mr Taylor said Brooks had no 'explicit evidence' to provoke the attack and had made admissions to the police when questioned.

Jailing Brooks for six months, Recorder Guy Mathieson, said: "This man was literally asleep in his own bed.

"If there is one place in life where you think you would be safe then it's asleep in your own bed.

"This obviously caused some distress to Mr Nuttall because not only did he suffer some unpleasant injuries but he also had to move house."