AN emergency store of equipment to protect against flooding is to be put in place in Barnoldswick.

Work is already underway on the storage containers which will hold sandbags, shovels, wheelbarrows and other equipment to guard against future flooding.

Last year in December, Barnoldswick and Earby were hit by a deluge which destroyed homes and businesses across East Lancashire, forcing many residents to evacuate their homes.

The containers are to be placed in West Close Road and have been funded by a £10,000 grant from the Community Foundation for Lancashire and Merseyside.


Earby has also been successful in applying for a grant to bring in equipment such as pumps that will help reduce the risk of flooding in the village.

Cllr David Whipp, borough councillor for Craven, said even though flooding may well not happen for another few years, it was vital that the town was prepared.

He said: “If it had not been for the magnificent community effort made by everyone in Barlick and Earby on Boxing Day, so many homes could have been completely flooded.

“The bitter experience told us that we needed to be prepared for next time, because this will happen again, even if that is in ten years.

“I have been working with flooding issues for around 30 years and I know that we need to be as ready as we can be.”

Flood defence work began in Barnoldswick back in July when sandbags from Skipton Road were emptied to act as a permanent earth bank to protect houses at Ghyll Meadows.

The Community Foundation for Lancashire and Merseyside began inviting applications from those in need of support following the December floods.

The floods also hit Whalley and Ribchester as well as Padiham.

The money was initially for victims of the floods but after they had been helped more funds were made available to protect villages and towns against further flooding.

Barnoldswick Town Council and Earby Town Council applied for funding earlier in the year.

Cllr Whipp said: “We are extremely thankful that the Community Foundation for Lancashire made this money available.

“We intend to be fully prepared if this happens again.”