A 24-YEAR-OLD man who was introduced to cocaine while working for a celebrity chef in Scotland started using again when he had some kind of breakdown.

Blackburn magistrates heard Ryan Adam Bishop was drawn into the drug sub-culture and started dealing class A drugs.

And he ended up being arrested after getting caught up in a police operation targeting street level dealing in Blackburn.

Bishop, 24, of Whalley Road, Clayton-le-Moors, pleaded guilty to three charges of supplying heroin and two of supplying crack cocaine.

He was sent on bail to Preston Crown Court to be sentenced on January 16.

Enza Geldard, prosecuting, said between March and July Lancashire Constabulary conducted a covert operation targeted at street dealing in Blackburn.

“Undercover police officers gathered evidence including video and audio recordings and the defendant’s arrest was as a result of their efforts,” said Mrs Geldard.

“The charges relate to him supplying drugs to an undercover police officer.

“He also told the officer that he was dealing because it was good money and easy money.”

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said Bishop had trained as a chef and went to work in a high pressure environment for a celebrity chef in Scotland.

“That was where he was first introduced to cocaine,” said Mr Taylor.

“He had a breakdown in February which resulted in him becoming extremely withdrawn and losing a lot of weight.

“He became a different person and that caused problems with his girlfriend.

“Because he was at a low ebb he started using cocaine again and very quickly got into debt with his suppliers. He was drawn into a lifestyle and under the direction of others has started dealing to fund his own use and make some extra money.” added Mr Taylor.