A FUND-RAISING fitness instructor from Oswaldtwistle has completed a mammoth run to help children in need.

Mickii Edwards ran more than 66 miles from Oswaldtwistle to the Manchester Christmas markets and back to fund his Christmas appeal.

The gym owner wants to deliver 66 parcels to 66 children from disadvantaged families to celebrate the festive period.

He will also be providing money for two families with sick children to visit Disneyland Paris in the New Year.

However he is keeping this a secret to the families and plans to surprise them at the ‘Christmas Giving Day’ at Hope Metro in Oswaldtwistle on Sunday, December 18.

Mr Edwards said: “From a young age I didn’t have the best upbringing, and I’ve worked with doctors to do some case studies with children with difficulties.

“It was a struggle to get out of bed the morning after the run. It was a mammoth task. I was hallucinating near the end, I thought I saw a jellyfish in the road and a monkey in a tree.

“It was all for a great cause though, it was worth it. The whole point of it is to help children in tough situations and give them something to look forward to at Christmas.”

He had originally intended to run 66 miles, one for each child he was helping, but a miscalculation on the route meant he ended up running approximately 76 miles.

The target for his fundraising is £8,000 and so far Mr Edwards has raised almost half of this.

The fitness enthusiast also runs Mickii Edwards Weight Loss Academy in Union Road, and it is his work there with ill and underprivileged children which has inspired his fundraising.

As well as offering classes for the members, he also holds sessions for people suffering from ill health.

He said: “I just want to get as much support as possible for the kids.

“We’ve done some amazing things to help the children and given them some great opportunities to take part in classes.

“They get to work side by side with regular people, it forms a great community bond.”

His partner Lynette Toon said: “It’s amazing what he has done. It’s great to see people come out and support what he has done.”

To donate to his cause visit www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/hope-metro/christmascampaign.