A MURAL of Clarets manager Sean Dyche could be saved by a housing provider ... brick by brick.

The artwork, which was created earlier this year by graphic designer Paul Jones, is under threat after plans were published to knock down the former Mitre Hotel in the town.


If passed by the borough council, Calico will build a homeless and vulnerable centre with 30 bedrooms at the site on the corner of Westway and Trafalgar Street.

The housing organisation will remove the delicate artwork in small pieces and give them to junior Clarets.

Mr Jones, who painted Mr Dyche as a symbol of the club’s promotion to the Premier League, said he was pleased to see the mural would be remembered.

He said: “I think it is a great idea, it’s better than it just turning into rubble.

“It’s good for the younger fans to get a piece of the mural too, something for them to keep when their older.

“I had my eye on that wall for quite some time, I was going to do Joey Barton - but looking back I’m glad I changed my mind.”

The move would see the Calico-run Elizabeth Street Project, based in an old technical school dating back to 1862, replaced with space to help young people and families get back on their feet.

The proposed plans include staff facilities, a training room, medical room, communal lounge and six standard and one disabled parking spaces.

Cllr Tony Martin, who represents the ward on Burnley Council, said saving the mural was a fantastic idea.

He said: “I’m very pleased to see Calico want to preserve it in this unique way.

“When the artwork went up in May a lot of people were disappointed because they knew it might be taken down if there was ever a development on it.

“But now the spirit of the image will live on.

“Sean Dyche is a legend around here so the mural was very popular.”

In a planning document, a spokesman on behalf of the applicant said: “The proposals aim to address the need for good quality short and medium term accommodation and training facilities for homeless people in and around the town centre of Burnley.

“The building will replace an existing facility that is finding it increasingly difficult to meet the complex needs of homeless people.”

A final decision on whether to approve Calico’s plans will be made by councillors in the coming months.