IT promises to be a special year for East Lancashire band Sky Valley Mistress.

For the hard rocking four-piece have been invited to record at one of the most prestigious studios in the world.


And they have also been asked to play at the Sound City event in Liverpool in May showcasing the most promising bands in the North West.

The Blackburn-based outfit - Kayley Davies on vocals, guitarist Squire Williams, drummer Maxwell Newsome and bassist Russell Russell - are currently working hard on songs which they can take to Los Angeles to record at the Rancho de la Luna studio, a studio used by the likes of the Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age.

"We went to see the band Eagles of Death metal in London and met guitarist Dave Catching backstage," say Kayley. "He had heard of us and he just said 'why don't you come to LA and record with me?' I don't think any of us thought he was being serious.

"But then he put on to the guest list for his band's next show and invited us to go to the studio."

"It is an amazing privilege," said Max. "Rancho was a famous recording studio which then closed before Dave bought it to live there and also to record at. You can't hire the studio, you have to be invited and some of my favourite bands have used it. Iggy Pop has just finished recording his new album there."

Eagles of Death metal were the band caught up in the terrorist attack on the Bataclan Theatre in Paris in November and that event which shook the world has delayed Sky Valley Mistress's trip to the States.

"Because of Paris, Dave's schedule has been completely changed so we are just waiting now to hear when he will be free for us to go over," said Max. "It's going to be an amazing experience and we are all determined to make the most of this great opportunity."

The band formed in 2012 and as a three-piece played well over 100 gigs before Russell joined in 2014.

"I always wanted us to be a 21st century Led Zeppelin," said Max, "so we needed to add a bassist. Russell fitted in perfectly from the start. He'd been to our gigs and knew our songs."

The band recently launched their single Hell Ain't Got Your Hound at a sell-out gig at Gulliver's in Manchester and their heavy, guitar-driven sound has been getting them national attention.

"We all write songs together," said Kayley, "there are no egos within the band we all want the same thing."

Max added: "Having a female lead singer adds an extra dimension to the band. We can all make lots of noise while she adds the sexiness."

Max, Kayley and Russell all work part time and Squire is at college which allows them to concentrate on the band.

"This is what we want to do, we plough any money we make from gigging back into the band," said Max.

The band has also played a gig to support the Save the Napier campaign which aims to reopen the live music venue in Blackburn.

"There are some good bands coming through," said Max, "but there just aren't enough venues for them."

Sky Valley Mistress have cut back on their live shows this year to concentrate on writing and to prepare for their recording session.

"When the call comes to go to LA you can be sure we'll be ready," said Max.