AN OVERWEIGHT Burnley man has become a global bodybuilding sensation after chucking a £140-a-week junk food habit and transforming himself into a male model.

Sebastian David, 28, has gone from having a bloated beer belly to having a chiselled six pack in 15 months after dropping from 14st 6lbs to 10st 7lbs.


As part of his old daily intake of up to 5,000 calories he used to guzzle down Greggs pasties, fry-ups and Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket meals.

However, when his father died, the fire safety officer embarked on a strict fitness regime and is now working as a model.

Just seven months after embarking on his fitness regime Mr David was encouraged to try out for bodybuilding competitions and that in turn led to a flood of topless modelling offers.

He said: “It’s been incredible.

“I started exercising and amended my diet after my dad passed away.

“He had motor neurone disease and I was struggling to cope.

“I went nine months without cooking a meal, so just relied on daily take-aways and snacks.

“Once I re-assessed things I started to make progress and within a couple of months, the weight was coming off and I was feeling so much better.

“It really snowballed from there and now I’m modelling and getting a lot of media attention.

“The heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson shared my story online and it’s being reported in the USA, Canada, Germany, Finland, Holland, Turkey and Japan.”

He is now hoping to achieve a top-three finish at his second bodybuilding event in Belfast in May.

Crow Wood gym manager, Janine Philp, where Mr David works out, said: “Sebastian’s progress has been phenomenal; it just goes to show that with the right diet, a bit of commitment and a structured exercise programme, you can achieve great things.

“We can’t promise that every member will see the sort of results that Sebastian has achieved, but whatever your goals are, we’ll work out a programme to help you achieve them.”