RESIDENTS who live close to Accrington Stanley FC’s ground said they are ‘disgusted’ at the lack of consultation over the potential multi-million pound redevelopment of the site.

Club bosses have unveiled proposals for a new single-tier stand as part of an overhaul of the Wham Stadium, off Whalley Road.


But residents said their concerns over noise, foul language and the site becoming an eyesore are not being taken into account leaving them feeling ‘neglected’.

One resident, who lives close to the ground in Epping Avenue, said: “Overall I have been left feeling disgusted about what has happened.

“The residents have had no real consultation and the most recent extension to the ground is a real eyesore.

“We have been good residents by not causing the club problems or getting in their way.

“I just feel we have been neglected.”

Maria Long, 59, who lives with husband Ian, 61, in Epping Avenue, said: “For me the main issue is the foul language that comes from the ground, it’s absolutely disgusting.

“I appreciate that noise and shouting is part of being in the crowd but with the extra stand there could be a lot more people swearing and it will be closer to our houses.

“There is young children who live on this estate and this sort of bad language isn’t suitable for them.”

Fellow resident Mark Wilkinson, 51, said: “I would be worried about parking.

“There’s not enough room on this estate for enough of the cars so if there is extra fans it could mean parking becomes an issue.”

David Burgess, managing director at the club, said: “The area behind the old terraces was a known fly tipping area and when we have the new tier fitted it will get rid of that.

“The old stand was an eyesore with parts of it rusting and wearing away, but that will all be replaced with latest materials.

“The new tier will not be a breeze block, it will be much more easier on the eye and the area around the stand will be landscaped.

“There will be trees planted round the back so after everything is completed and tidied up, the site will lock much nicer for the people who live next to the ground.”