A MAN threatened a neighbour with an imitation firearm after he went to investigate screams coming from a house in Darwen.

Jamie Pilkington, 44, threatened to 'put two shots in the head' as he brandished the BB gun at his father’s house in Newton Street on June 30 last year.


At around 9.30pm, neighbour David McKenna was in his front garden with two women when they heard banging and screaming coming from the terraced property.

Concerned for the safety of the man he had heard, Mr McKenna jumped over the front garden wall and looked through the front window of his neighbour’s house.

Pilkington appeared at the front door, shouting, 'stay away from my house'.

Mr McKenna thought he was going to be hit, but Pilkington went back into the house, where he seemed to be rummaging through drawers.

His father shouted, “don’t take that out”, but Pilkington put the BB gun in his dressing gown pocket and went back outside.

As he stood on the doorstep, he said: “I’m going to put two shots in the back of your head, mate.”

He had his finger on the trigger, but was not pointing the gun towards Mr McKenna, Preston Crown Court heard.

When police arrived at the house they saw a PS4 Custom BB gun, which Pilkington said he had lawfully as he used them recreationally.

The weapon was not loaded and there was not any ammunition in the house, the court heard.

Recorder Nicholas Clarke QC, sentencing, said: “David McKenna tried to ensure the safety of your father and he was confronted by you.

“There was an aggressive confrontation. It wasn’t just a verbal confrontation because you went back into the house and retrieved the gun.

“It was a realistic replica air weapon - of course David McKenna wasn’t to know that when you threatened him and told him you were going to put two shots in the back of his head.”

However the judge said Pilkington had led a previously blameless and had no previous convictions. He works as a chef and cares for his father, the court heard.

Recorder Clarke QC handed Pilkington a 15 month sentence suspended by 18 months with a 30 day rehabilitation requirement and a four month curfew from 10pm to 7am.