EIGHT new names have been inscribed onto the Hoddlesden war memorial following a huge fundraising effort.

Phase Three, a non-profit group encompassing Hoddlesden, Waterside, Eccleshill, Blacksnape and Pickup Bank, managed to get the First World War heroes onto the Queen Street memorial after raising money through two events last year.


The research into the soldiers was done by Tincie Hill, a former teacher at St Paul’s Primary School in Hoddlesden, and secretary and events organiser Linda Taylor said it felt amazing to finally have the names put on the memorial after all the hard work.

She said: “On behalf of Phase Three I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us in our recent fundraising efforts to raise funds to enable us to have the WW1 heroes' names which were missed off the village war memorial.

"The service was lovely albeit a tad wet. Thank you to Jake Berry MP for supporting us and laying the wreath and also to the Darwen Branch of the Royal British Legion.”

Phase Three held a service on Saturday to pay tribute to those soldiers who were missed off the memorial which was attended by local MP Jake Berry.

The service was led by Fleur Green, vicar of St Peter’s Church.

Also in attendance was Lawrence Gilbertson, president of the Darwen branch of the Royal British Legion who said he admired the hard work that had gone into the project.

He said: “It is very difficult to get missing names officially recognised, especially 100 years on from the war and I am really impressed with the perseverance of everyone involved.

“It was a very dignified service and I was very happy to be a part of it.”

The service was followed by a party in the evening at Hoddlesden Conservative Club to thank everyone who had helped to raise the money needed where Jamie Mac and Ricky Lee both performed.

Ms Taylor said: “The event was absolutely fantastic with lots of good music, fun and laughter.

“Thank you to the amazing Richard Lee and to Jamie Mac, they were amazing and most of all thank you to all our wonderful residents and friends for joining us at two fundraisers and the celebration evening.”