A HEROIN addict who went on 'trolley dashes' to fund her habit was banned from stores in Preston and Chorley and eventually came to Blackburn to try her luck.

Blackburn magistrates heard she escaped with a trolley full of alcohol and foodstuffs from Morrisons but was caught two days later when she came back for a repeat offence.


And the magistrates jailed Jessica Jennings for 44 weeks saying they believed that was her best chance of getting the treatment and help she needed to overcome her drug problems.

Jessica Jennings, 22, of Livesey Street, Preston, pleaded guilty to theft from Morrisons and obstructing a police officer.

She was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for the offences and the magistrates activated a 26 week suspended sentence imposed just days before the Morrisons offence.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said after being given the suspended sentence Jennings had appeared in court in Chorley and had been given another chance.

"Having been banned from stores in Preston and Chorley she came to Blackburn and continued to offend," said Miss Allan.

"When she was detained on the second visit she gave false details and it was only when her fingerprints were taken that she confirmed her correct details."

Gareth Price, defending, said the offences in isolation may not have crossed the custody threshold but had to be viewed in the light of the suspended sentence.

He said Jennings originated from the South of England but had been encouraged to move away by her family to try and address her drug problems.

"She is living with someone who is a heroin addict and things are difficult," said Mr Price.