A FATHER who tried to provoke members of a stag party into fighting with his son in a village pub has been jailed for 11 months.

When the revellers refused to take on Craig Steff, of Mansons House Buildings, Crawshawbooth, he started lashing out, eventually ending up in a scuffle over broken glass, Burnley Crown Court was told.


Judge Beverley Lunt told the father that the incident at the village’s Mason’s Arms pub would not have escalated without his "disgraceful" provocation and violence, and that his 20-year-old son, Ryan, would not have ended up in the dock alongside him, with both admitting to affray in relation to the June 2014 incident.

Ryan Steff, of Holland Avenue, Rawtenstall, was given 11 months' youth custody, suspended for 12 months.

Prosecutor David Farley said Craig Steff walked away from the confrontation, in a celebratory fashion, shouting: “How do you feel? I’m the champ.”

Earlier, Mr Farley described how the matter began with a "play fight" between the soon-to-be groom, Adam Turner, and Ryan Steff.

Mr Turner received a thumb to the eye during the incident and words were exchanged between the two parties.

Mr Farley said Craig Steff was asking one of Mr Turner’s friends, George Kirkham, whether he wanted to fight his son, Ryan.

Mr Steff Senior was told no-one was interested in fighting and Mr Turner left the pub to go home, the court heard.

The father then asked the younger men how they would feel "if a 50-year-old knocked them out", as they tried to defuse the situation.

The court was told Craig Steff then punched Mr Whitham in the face and the two ended up on the floor. Mr Steff was straddling the younger man, who was warding off punches.

Mr Farley said Ryan Steff was then said to have "gone mental" and lashed out at a number of people, including Mr Whitham.

The court heard earlier on regulars had been egging on the Steffs but by the end they were expressing concerns that they gone ‘too far’.

Patrick Williamson, for Ryan Steff, said his client had no previous convictions and had been led astray.

David Morton, for Craig Steff, said he was "hardworking" and recognised he had let himself down with his behaviour.