CONTROVERSIAL plans to build an extra 16 wind turbines at a Rossendale wind farm have been approved.

Peel Energy and United Utilities submitted the joint venture to build 13 115-metre turbines and three 100-metre turbines at Scout Moor, between Rawtenstall and Edenfield.

And tonight Rossendale Borough Council’s development control committee voted to approve the plans by a majority of five to two.

Councillor James Eaton, who represents Greensclough and voted against the plan, said: “My concern really was the visual impact and also disruption to the wildlife and countryside.

“I’m a little disappointed but at the end of the day the members have made their decision and whatever will be will be.”

The original plan was to build 26 turbines at the recommissioned wind farm, but that was subsequently changed to 16.

Planners had recommended the proposal for approval. Ministry of Defence officials had objected to the plans on the grounds that the turbines would affect air traffic control radar at Warton Airfield.

Edenfield Village Residents' Association and the Holcombe Society had also opposed the plans.