DEER stalkers have had the opportunity to see professional deer management undertaken by one of the leading environmental organisations and how it is best achieved.

The Deer Initiative, Forestry Commission north of England branch and the British Deer Society were hosts to the 30 delegates visiting the Forest of Bowland.

The evening was led by Wildlife Rangers James Upsom, the beat ranger for Bowland and Iain Yoxall beat ranger for adjoining beat.

James gave a brief introduction about his role and how the commission undertook deer management in a high visitor accessed woodland, predominantly mountain bikers, of more than 50,000 visitors.

The first stop was to the woodland where they had a look at their purpose deer larder where James explained how it was used and operated.

Here they also had a quick question and answer session based around meat handling and bullets including copper.

The group then proceeded to another location where they had a look at a doe box and a deer glade and how it had to adapt to handling sika deer.