A CAR salesman from Blackburn has beaten off 10,000 other hopefuls to become one of 16 would-be entrepreneurs set to appear on TV's The Apprentice.

Viewers will see former supermarket shelf-stacker Adam Hosker, 27, face the wrath of business guru Sir Alan Sugar in the hit show.

Adam said he possesses a confidence that "can become arrogance" - but would not say whether he has already been given the boot by Sir Alan.

He faces 15 other contestants aged 23 to 36 including a quantum physicist, a housewife, a Cambridge-educated internet entrepreneur, an ex-army lieutenant and another car sales manager.

More than 10,000 people applied to be on the show, which was last won by tele-communications consultant Michelle Dewberry.

Contestants will be set tasks to avoid being fired by Sir Alan and stand a chance of taking home a six-figure income.

Challenges will see the 16 hopefuls sell British farm produce at a French farmers market, design accessories for dogs, create a new brand of trainers, sell art photography at an upmarket gallery, sell sweets at London Zoo and sell coffee on a busy high street.

The group is divided into two teams and each week the team that wins the task is rewarded with a luxury treat.

The losers then report to the boardroom to face Sir Alan and his assistants Margaret Mountford and Nick Hewer - before one of them is dispensed with Sir Alan's catchphrase "you're fired!".

Adam has been sworn to secrecy ahead of his first appearance on BBC1 next Wednesday.

He was born into a single-parent family on a Blackburn council estate and now boasts he earns three times the salary of his former schoolmates.

At the age of 12 he ran a fantasy football league on his estate and charged pals £1 a go.

His first job was shelf-stacking and he said his favourite job was selling match programmes at Blackburn Rovers.

He said he "usually managed to sell them all in half an hour to drunken away fans".

Adam began selling cars after completing his A-levels at Blackburn College at employers including Bank Top Citroen, Throstle Street, Blackburn.

He put off going to university until 22 where he began a BA in sports management at the University of Central Lancashire.

After graduation Adam then went to work for Kitchens Renault dealership, Burnley, and then moved to the brand's dealership in Preston.

He said his ambition is to run an internationally successful company.

Adam, who lives in Blackburn, said: "My strengths and weaknesses are often the same thing.

"On occasions my confidence can become arrogance."