A husband and wife's new business venture is probably the most unusual nude art gallery in the world.

For the gallery mixes art and ales after being granted a licence to sell beer.

The venture is the brainchild of Trevor and Kathryn Cook who have combined their talents for brewing and art.

Trevor runs Barearts Brewery in Rochdale Road, Todmorden, from which he produces beers of up to 10 per cent strength.

And Bacup-born Kathryn owns Barearts Gallery further up the road.

And to give Trevor's brewery a boost the art gallery has got a licence to sell his products.

Customers cannot drink on the premises, but they can buy an unusual product combination of nude art sketches and alcohol.

Kathryn, 40, who used to run the Crown Inn, Bacup, said: "While we were there we won the real ale pub of the year award.

"We decided to combine our talents. My painting and Trevor's beer making.

"I do life drawings because I just don't go walking anymore and you have to be involved in landscapes to paint them.

"The gallery and beer selling has been very successfully even though we are only open on weekends."

Customers have come as far away as Scotland to take a look at the gallery and buy some of Trevor's beer.

The gallery only exhibits Mrs Cook's work.

She started painting at 16 after leaving Fearns Community High School, Bacup.

The couple have bought the shop next door and plan to extend the gallery.

They also plan to start selling the beer on the internet next month.

In June they hope to be able to sell beer and sandwiches to consume on the premises.

Mrs Cook said: "Our beer is stronger than most beers because people want to drink stronger beer at home."

"Sometimes we brew it with a strength of up to 10 per cent."