CHANGES to the controversial bedroom tax moved one step closer after Labour and Lib Dem MPs joined forces to defeat the Conservatives in Parliament today.

The Affordable Homes Bill, which would see disabled people who need a spare bedroom or have adapted homes exempt from bedroom tax, as well as people who cannot be found smaller homes, was backed by 306 votes to 231.


The private members’ bill, introduced by Lib Dem MP Andrew George, will now be the focus of scrutiny at the committee stage.

Local government reporter Bill Jacobs writes: “On the face of it today’s vote is good news for many hard-pressed families and an embarrassment for the Tories.

“The Lib Dems will feel they have shown their independence and commitment to fairness despite the coalition.

“Now David Cameron faces a decision on ‘talking’ the bill out and looking callous, or accepting it with grace.

“A little egg on the political face might be worth it to remove the most obviously unfair aspects of the legislation so depriving Labour of the ‘bedroom tax’ stick in next year’s election campaign.”