A CAMPAIGN group in Padiham has called for two greenbelt sites in the town identified for potential development to be dropped from the list.

Land at Craggs Farm and Grove Lane were both included in the Burnley Local Plan as possible sites for housing or employment.

But Padiham Community Action said the land should be protected from development.

The Local Plan lists locations put forward by residents or land owners as potential for future development, before they go out to consultation, with a final list unveiled early in 2016.

John Drake, from the community action group, said: “Greenbelt land should be protected and only built on as a last resort. Building on this land will affect people’s views and house prices, while also putting wildlife at risk.”

Mr Drake made his comments at a meeting of Padiham Town Council.

Coun Howard Hudson said: “We are a just a consultee on the local plan, we can make comments but we have no powers to change anything that is included. We have discussed as a town council the greenbelt land and we did determine that we couldn’t see a need to extend on to the greenbelt at this moment in time.”

A consultation on the first draft of the Local Plan is currently taking place until October 7.

Among the proposals are land to be used for specialist traveller camps at Heald Road, Marlborough Street and Lawrence Avenue, in Burnley.

Coun Shah Hussain said: “Although we are a long way off actually finalising the Local Plan, it is important that people have their say early in the process. The Local Plan will give a framework for the borough’s long term future. It needs to be an ambitious plan, unlocking Burnley’s potential.”