THE latest global charity craze may involve dumping a bucket of ice-cold water over one’s own head — but some well-wishers in East Lancashire are taking it one step further.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which aims to raise awareness of motor neurone disease, has seen high-profile names and internet users take part before nominating others.

And in a bid to stand out from the dripping wet crowd, some are adding their own twist.

A team from Higham-based Roaming Roosters showed they were no chickens after an industrial digger dumped a scoop full of water over them.

The minute-long video has been shared online a dozen times and ‘liked’ by more than 115 Facebook users.

Staff at Accrington and Rossendale College also filmed themselves being covered in ‘ice-cold’ custard and posted the video online to celebrate the start of building work and to raise awareness of the ALS challenge.

The clip saw four large tubs of custard poured over principal Sue Taylor, as well as vice-principal Wendy Higgin, director of estates Sylvester During, and dean of higher education and skills Charlotte Scheffmann.

And injured soldier Rick Clement, from Chatburn, was filmed being helped into a wheelie bin filled with water before a bucket of ice was dumped over his head.

He was then tipped out of the bin onto the floor, before being helped into a hot tub.