SEVERAL garage owners in Brierfield are set to be asked to move out amid fears that the complex is a ‘major explosion’ risk.

Last July, firefighters were alerted to blazes at a block of garages off Richard Street – and found one contained a number of petroleum gas cylinders.


Now councillors are being urged to demolish the parade – and serve three months’ notice on the various owners to quit.

Legal manager Richard Townson said that following the July incident, discussions took place with the fire service about the garages site.

He told Brierfield councillors in an area committee report: “They expressed particular concern that if the incident on July 8 were to be repeated, and more gas cylinders were to be stored in one of the garages, a major explosion might occur.”

Councillors are being asked to approve proposals for notices to be served on the owners, who pay around £102 annual ground rent, through their property agents Liberata.

And the area committee is being requested to add the location to their ongoing ‘problem sites’ list, to monitor over the next few months.

Nearby land on Richard Street has also posed a long-term problem to Pendle Council and action is set to be taken over the site. Repeated anti-social behaviour complaints have been made to local councillors and it was found, through previous investigations, that the site belonged to Oakton Investments, registered in the British Virgin Islands.

But the company’s former solicitors have confirmed that the firm no longer exists and it appears that the land may revert to the Duchy of Lancaster. Mr Townson said a letter has been sent to the Crown Solicitor over its future management and a response was awaited.

Councillors will also be asked to pay a £1,700 for temporary fencing around the second site when they meet next Tuesday at Brierfield Town Hall.