TATT who? Here's Clarets hitman Danny Ings as you've never seen him before.

He has an ink-redible new tattoo across his chest, rivalling those of footballers such as David Beckham.


The 22-year-old striker spent more than 12 hours having a silhouette of a man and boy holding hands and carrying a football — symbolic of his father’s guidance and football career — inked on the right side of his chest, alongside an Ancient Greek god themed mural on the left.

Tattoo artist Dee Buchanan said his next piece of work would include your reality’ on Danny’s chest and a sleeve of the minotaur being defeated in the labyrinth.

Dee, 36, of Daisy Hill near Bolton, said: “Danny takes the pain well. He's a nice down-to-earth guy and I'd say he's become a friend as much as a client. There's no real relevance to the Greek god theme on his chest, we just liked the design.”

Dee met Danny through their friend Jamie Kennedy, who owns FX Fitness Experience gym in Burnley.