CALLS for traffic calming measures on an Accrington estate will be answered after a child was nearly knocked over by a speeding car.

Several residents have voiced their concern about cars tearing down the alley way behind East Crescent, which is used as a rat run from Ribblesdale Avenue.

One resident said their child had been narrowly missed by one such car, leading to the council agreeing to install speed bumps.

Milnshaw councillor Paul Cox, who is set to become deputy council leader from September 1, said: “When residents asked me to help with this issue, I looked at consulting with all residents on Ribblesdale Avenue and Ribbleton Drive, along with East Crescent to see how we could help curb this problem.”

A letter has been sent to all residents whose home borders the alleyway to consult on the measures, which will include speed bumps.

A petition was also collected, Coun Cox said.

“After looking into this issue and searching for some funding, it looks like we have the go ahead for a couple of speed bumps on the back street, which will slow the traffic down and hopefully create a safer environment,” he said.

Coun Cox was due to meet with council engineers to determine a location for the speed bumps and to find out when they will be installed.

Speed bumps are effective at keeping speed down, but their use has proved controversial in the past, with reports of them causing vehicle damage and accidents.

Critics also say it slows response time for emergency vehicles, and may simply move the problem to a nearby street rather than solving it.

A police spokesman said: “We are aware of problems with traffic being reported in this area. Reducing speed can save lives. We back any scheme aimed at reducing injuries and fatalities on Lancashire’s roads.”