A FARMER has pleaded with walkers to keep their dogs on a lead after five of his sheep were mauled inside three weeks.

Alan Greenwood, 65, said his livelihood was under threat due to an increase in sheep-worrying incidents.


Rural police in Pendle said some dog-walkers continued to ignore warnings about trespassing and keeping their pets away from livestock.

Mr Greenwood, who has lived and worked at Beaver Farm in the Hollin Hall area of Trawden his whole life, said two of his prize sheep were killed on Monday, in addition to three that were attacked last week.

He said: “Some people have been seen by our neighbours parking over at Thursden Valley and running through the fields with the dogs off the lead. There seems to have been a big increase in this type of thing. People think they can just let any dog run free but it’s a real problem.

“PC Keates came along on Monday and put up another 10 posters warning people to keep their dogs on a lead and they’ve just walked right past them.

“I’ve seen it first hand and had to go out myself to chase the dogs off sheep.

“But I can’t sit out 24/7. It’s having a real impact on me as a farmer.”

Mr Greenwood, whose son Neil, 40, also works on the farm, said he feared further attacks on some of his 2,000 sheep and 100 cattle.

Pc Nigel Keates, who cover Colne Rural, said: “We have spoken to a man who we believe is responsible and should be issuing a summons in due course.

“In certain situations farmers are within their to shoot dogs attacking sheep but obviously we want to try to avoid that.”

Mr Greenwood added: “I lease the land from United Utilities and they are keen to encourage public use.

“But I pay the rent and I need the animals to make a living. The people who don’t control their dogs are making it difficult for farmers and it’s a lot of stress that we could do without.”