FIRE crews searched a house in Burnley after a blaze ripped through the living room while people were feared to be inside.

They were called to the house in Hunslet Street at around 5.50pm on Wednesday and were told people could be stuck inside the property.

Steve Harrison, watch manager at Burnley Fire Station, said: “On arrival at this incident, fire crews were met with a developing fire in the front lounge, with smoke and flames clearly seen through the ground floor window and front door.

“Four fire fighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the property to fight the fire and search for the occupants who were thought to be inside.

“The fire was rapidly extinguished, using a water jet, and the house was thoroughly searched. Fortunately no-one was found to be inside.

“The front room of the house was severely damaged by the fire, and the remainder suffered serious smoke and heat damage.”

The blaze is thought to be suspicious and a joint investigation between the fire service and police has been launched.