MORE households are at risk of losing their home in Blackburn and Darwen than anywhere else in East Lancashire, according to new figures.

Homeless charity Shelter has revealed that 675 repossession claims were made in the towns last year.

The figures also show that Blackburn With Darwen is the eighth worst area for repossessions in the north west and the 50th worst in the country.

The boss of housing and neighbourhoods in Black-burn with Darwen, Coun Yusuf Jan-Virmani, said: “I hope that the figures come down during the next year. We have been monitoring this for a number of years and (the figure) partly comes from our work with other neighbouring councils.

"We have to move people around between regions and that’s where the high number comes from. It’s certainly not a major issue in this area.” Burnley is 28th worst in the north west and 197th in the country, with 256 reposs-ession claims last year.

Hyndburn is ranked at 20 in the region with 294 claims in over the last four quarters and is 111th worst in the country. Pendle is 29th worst in the region with 232 claims, while the Ribble Valley is ranked 39th with 70 claims.

Pendle and the Ribble Valley are ranked 208th and 321st worst respectively in the UK.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “Eighty-one households at risk of losing their home every day is 81 too many.

“Each one of these will have had their lives turned upside down by this experience.” The research, based on Ministry of Justice data, found that in the last year more than 29,700 homes in the north west were at risk of eviction or repossession - the equivalent of 81 every day. People are most likely to face losing their home in Salford and Halton.