A HAWK’S bid for freedom ended prematurely when it got stuck in a tree.

Firefighters from Darwen were called when the American Harris hawk flew away from its owner early and its jesse caught on a tree in Corporation Park, Blackburn.

Crew manager Pete Derbyshire, from Darwen Fire Station, said: “A local man was out training the hawk when prematurely it took off from his wrist, not giving him chance to fully undo its jesse.

“This, unfortunately for the bird, got caught on a tree branch 40ft up.

“The bird had been up there for a couple of hours before we arrived so it was very distressed.

“Firefighter Che Cottrell, a willing volunteer, ascended the 13.5-metre ladder and retrieved the hawk and returned it to its owner who was very grateful.”

Top, firefighter Che Cottrell on the ladder to the tree, brings the escaped hawk gently down to safety.

Right, the hawk, none the worse for its escape bid.