GOVERNORS at Westholme Upper School in Meins Road, Blackburn, have submitted a planning application to install floodlights at the artificial hockey pitch.

Blackburn with Darwen Council planning officers will scrutinise the application before deciding if it complies with regulations.

A document submitted with the plans said: “The proposed lighting scheme has been designed to provide an unobtrusive solution to the lighting of the multi-use games areas.

“The scheme uses luminaires with asymmetric beam spread with a 20 degree tilted glass and front spill shield to virtually eliminate upward light that causes sky glow.

“The 65-degree asymmetric beam angle allows all light to be transmitted downwards to the lighting plane and with limited breakout from the illuminated area.

“With the proximity of local buildings other than those of the school properties, light intrusion to windows is satisfied with the levels attained for the pre-curfew requirement.”