AN ANONYMOUS donor has come forward to pay for a specialist piece of equipment that will allow a seven-year-old boy from Ramsbottom with cerebral palsy to maintain his independence.

On Saturday, the Lancashire Telegraph featured the story of Alex Mayo, who is unable to stand without a frame which he has now outgrown.

The Millwood School pupil, who also has chronic lung disease, uses a manual wheelchair for activities, but can walk with the help of a frame.

Following an appeal for donations to help cover the £2,000 cost of a new frame, an anonymous donor came forward to fund the equipment within 24 hours.

Alex’s mum Tracey said: “For Alex a walking frame is his independence, it’s his legs – it’s what opens the world to him and allows him to walk.

“Alex is just seven so he wants to explore and do all the things he is capable of. It’s very important that he is able to walk on his own two feet.

“We are so grateful to the person who has come forward and paid for this equipment. It is incredibly generous.

“Having a frame and keeping Alex walking is also vital for his long-term health. Walking aids his breathing, strengthens his posture and prevents long term problems occurring in his hips.”

He was given his original frame two years ago by charity Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children.

Sheila Brown, Newlife chief executive, said: “We are very grateful for this donation from this wonderful anonymous donor.

“The walking frame will really change Alex’s life. It will bring huge smiles to the faces of Alex and his family.”