BACUP residents and members of the Townscape Heritage Partnership Board got the chance to see a shared space scheme in action in Poynton, Cheshire.

The visit was organised by Rossendale Council following mixed reaction to plans to transform Bacup’s historic crossroads into a shared space area, which traders said would cause traffic chaos.

Bacup Coun Helen Jackson said: “This was a good opportunity to talk to Poynton residents and get their views directly.”

Doug Spencer, of Bacup Traders Association, said: “If the idea of the trip was to change my mind, it failed.

“The fountain square traffic layout there was designed to cure a traffic flow problem and it works.

“Bacup does not have a traffic flow problem, but will have if the proposed new road layout goes ahead.

“What is good about Poynton was introducing the shared space concept on Park Lane, the major shopping street. It looks good and works really well.

“My thoughts are still that if the same idea was adopted on Market street, Burnley Road and St James Street, it would improve the pedestrian experience and make it safer, would give a welcome to Bacup feel and slow traffic a little to the desired 20 mph.

“That, in my opinion, would be a better use of the public realm monies.”