TEACHERS and pupils at a Burnley primary school have been given a great start to their holidays after being told they are back on track.

Inspectors ruled in February 2013 that Cherry Fold Primary, in Cog Lane, ‘required improvement’ after it was discovered pupils did not make sufficient progress, especially in writing.

It was reported that ‘teaching is not yet consistently good in all year groups and, as a result, over time, teaching requires improvement’.

But after a return visit, lead inspector Andrew Morley has informed staff, governors and parents the school has made great strides over 18 months.

Mr Morley said: “Achievement has improved. Pupils make good progress across reception and Key Stage One. Most groups of pupils are making rapid progress across Key Stage Two.”

He has praised the work of executive headteacher Simon Smalley, who was drafted in from Barden Primary, and the contributions made by Cherry Fold deputy headteacher Deanne Marsh and senior leaders.

And the children are said to be ‘polite, friendly and respectful towards each other’, with the school providing ‘excellent care’ in pre-school and after-school clubs.

Mr Morley added: “Staff ‘go the extra mile’, to help parents in supporting their children‘s learning and work unstintingly to provide very good support for pupils.”

Senior staff and governors have also been given a pat on the back for meeting the challenges raised at the 2013 inspection, with morale said to be ‘good’.

The inspection by schools watchdog Ofsted has remarked that the school is not yet rated as ‘outstanding’ because the most able pupils are not being given tasks to stretch them.

Staff are also being encouraged to share examples of their best teaching with colleagues. Another factor is that progress in writing is not as fast as that of reading and maths.