PATIENTS at the new Colne Health Centre have raised concerns about the temperature of the building during the recent heatwave.

Visitors to the Craddock Road health centre have reported “excessive heat” and claim that despite the building being fully equipped with air conditioning, it was not switched on.

Two patients who spoke to the Lancashire Telegraph said when they asked staff about the air conditioning they were told staff were not allowed to switch it on.

A patient of the Richmond Hill GP Practice said she had visited her doctor twice in the past two weeks and on both occasions found the temperature to be extremely high.

The 31-year-old, who lives in Colne said: “It was disgusting — a brand new building that has air conditioning but switches it off in that heat. They had the windows was open — just a little, for safety reasons I guess — but it had very little effect.

“The Richmond Hill surgery was absolutely roasting and the poor doctor had a fan blowing on her to keep her cool.

“These doctors do a brilliant job and they shouldn't have to work in such conditions.”

Nobody at the health centre could explain why the air conditioning was not switched on but a spokesman for NHS Property Services who own the building said there was no rule to stop staff turning it on.

The spokesman said: “Colne Health Centre utilises a number of systems to reduce overheating, including mechanical ventilation, supplying fresh air via openings in the ceiling, air conditioning and the availability of opening windows. All our new buildings undergo a heating assessment to ensure temperatures are kept at a comfortable level.

“Nevertheless, the recent increased temperatures can have an impact on the air flow in our health centres and we are working hard to address any issues and will continue to monitor the situation closely. We apologise to anyone who may have experienced some discomfort or inconvenience.”