LANCASHIRE Police are asking members of the Asian community to celebrate safely during the religious holiday of Eid.

Chief Supt Stuart Noble said: “We want those celebrating Eid to have a crime free and happy celebratio.

“So we are asking people to help us by taking any measures they can to remain safe and not become the victim of a crime.

“You might be planning a celebration at home or attending local events.

So I would urge people to ensure their homes and belongings are secure.

“Don’t allow your property to become accessible in any way to criminals.

“I would like to wish all of our Muslim community in Lancashire ‘Eid Mubarak’ and I hope everyone can enjoy the festivities.”

Tips for keeping safe include: keeping front and back doors locked and windows closed, fit a door chain and use it when answering the door to an unexpected caller, keep site gates locked, put valuables in a secure safe and consider fitting outdoor security lighting; Anyone who sees anything suspicious is urged to contact the police on 101.

l Lancashire Police are reminding all people to ensure that their property and cars are secure during the summer months.

They say that they have seen an increasing number of reports of burglary and theft, especially from vehicles in which offenders have entered through a window left open.