A LARGE area of grass that had become overgrown with three-foot high weeds has been cut after disgruntled residents contacted the Lancashire Telegraph.

The grass in Regent Close, Padiham, hadn’t been cut for around a year after Burnley Council tried to cultivate a wild flower meadow in the area.

But despite it being re-seeded earlier this year the flowers failed to grow and residents were left looking out at the overgrown grass and weeds.

Resident Peter Hammerton said: “Instead of cutting the grass, they decided to make one of those wild flower meadows but it has never grown. It was just a patch of old-looking grass and weeds that was about three feet high. It’s mostly older people that live here and you don’t want to be looking out at that.”

Residents had made several attempts to get the council to cut the grass, but after contacting the Lancashire Telegraph earlier this week, it was finally done on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Hammerton said: “When they came to cut the grass, at one point a mouse ran out from it and almost ran into a house.

“We had asked the council on several occasions to cut it, but it never happened, it must be at least a year since it was last done.

“It looks a lot better now that the grass is shorter. It has made a big difference.”

A Burnley Council spokesman said: “The grassed area has been made into a flower meadow area that was funded by Calico. It was re-seeded earlier this year.

“It is scheduled to be cut this week.”